by BigTallGuy

The cheerful daisy is a bright reminder of those born during the month of April. This particular birth month flower stands out in that it has no negative connotations associated with it. While some consider it a weed, daisies grace the gardens of many.

It’s thought that the word “daisy” comes from “Day’s Eye,” as the daisy opens in the morning and closes as the sun sets. A daisy is generally white with a yellow center, though it may also come in pink or mauve. A daisy is actually not a single flower, but many tiny flowers at the center, surrounded by petals.

Daisies are unique as all the interpretations of it are positive. The traditional meaning of a daisy is innocence and purity. In a romantic sense, daisies represent loyal love. Giving a daisy can be a sign of affection. A daisy can also mean a secret truth. The giving of a daisy in public came to represent a transfer of a secret from one person to another.

The leaves of the daisy are edible and can be used in salads. Ancient Romans used juice from daisies to soak bandages that were used to bind up wounds. Daisies have also been used for making daisy chains.

Daisies are very hardy and grow best in full sun. They spread through their roots, so you may wish to contain them. Also, daisies can be mown, so consider planting them in a yard to add color.