July Birth Flower - Larkspur

With its long, graceful flower stem, larkspur is one of the loveliest birth month flowers.  It comes in many different colors, with purple, pink and white being the most common.  Larkspur is very easy to grow in North America, and is cultivated for flower arrangements.

Larkspur is unfortunately one of the more poisonous plants.  In the west, cattle ranchers fight against wild larkspur to prevent cattle poisoning.  It’s more common in areas of high elevation, so ranchers will avoid having cattle graze in those areas until late summer, when larkspur is less toxic.

Even with its toxicity, people have attempted to make herbal cures from larkspur.  It’s said to be effective against lice and their nits.  The plant has been used in the past to make eye medicine, tinctures for asthma, and even a cure for scorpion stings.  However, it is not recommended to ingest it, as small amounts will cause severe vomiting and large amounts may be deadly.

The different colors of larkspur stand for several different meanings.  Pink represents fickleness.  Purple can be given for first love or to recognize a sweet disposition.  White stands for joyful and happy-go-lucky.