June Birth Month Flower

The rose is the birth month flower of June. One of the most popular flowers to grow, the rose comes in over 100 different species and a variety of colors, with each color having its own special meaning. The rose has a long history of cultivation and symbolism, and is the national flower of the United States and England.

Greeks and Romans thought the rose represented the love goddess of Aphrodite or Venus. Christians eventually used the rose to represent the virgin Mary and the five wounds of Christ; however, there was a lot of resistance to this as the rose was highly regarded in pagan culture at the time. Some pagan cultures believed no undead creature could cross the path of a wild rose. This led to the practice of putting a rose on the coffin of the recently deceased in order to prevent the rise of a vampire.

The meaning of a rose will vary by what color it is. Red is the most common color. It signifies love, passion, beauty, respect, and romance. A single red rose is given to show someone that you love them. In ancient Rome, the red rose was used in weddings, which led it to be associated with romance and love. The current version we’re familiar with today actually did not arrive in Europe until the 1800s, coming from China.

Pink roses primarily stand for love, gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses were some of the first rose species to be cultivated. This color of rose appears earliest in art history. All roses represent love and gratitude; as pink were the first and primary rose, they have kept this meaning. Pink roses can also mean sweetness and elegance. Dark pink roses are used for appreciation, and light pink are associated with gentleness and admiration.

Yellow roses were more recently discovered growing in the Middle East in the late 1800s. Once they were discovered, they quickly became popular. Yellow stands for friendship and joy. Also, yellow roses may be sent as a get well wish. However in Europe last century, the yellow rose represented jealousy and dying love. Over the past 100 years, it has come to be associated more with friendship and joy.

Purity, sympathy, and spirituality are all represented by the white rose. The white rose is the traditional bridal flower, representing the pure bride. They also are associated with honor and reverence, which leads to white roses being frequently used at funerals.

Orange roses represent desire, passion, and enthusiasm. They were created around the turn of the 20th century. A bouquet of orange roses can be used to represent a budding romantic love. They are also popular at Halloween.

Lavendar roses are associated with royalty, love at first sight, and enchantment. This light shade of purple is also a relatively new development. They are harder to find than the other colors, but make a stunning arrangement of flowers.